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Feminism takes form in various distinct ways. Some are not wrong and some are indeed wrong. These versions are somewhat like a pendulum. Various types of feminism exist. Some are more radical and some less radical. Some are religious and some are purely humanistic and atheistic. Even in one sense a feminist can be a good element. For example, a base definition of feminism is this: "a conviction and a movement opposed to discrimination on the basis of gender" (The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Ethics, p. 229).  The key to that is the word "discrimination." To discriminate means to "distinguish or to recognize as being different" (Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary). There are healthy forms of discrimination, or due recognition of real differences, and then there are unhealthy and/or unjust discrimination. We make these types of judgments to distinguish or recognize differences all the time. When a man visits his medical doctor the medical doctor does not tests on the man to check the status of his ovaries. He will not be checked for ovarian cancer. The doctor will recognize he is different and has different organs and thus the man will be treated differently. 

What the real or more substantive issue is has to do with unjust or unhealthy distinguishing towards a gender. It would be unjust for a man to walk into a medical doctor's office and the doctor tell him that he was not going to be treated today just because he is a man. Likewise, it would be wrong for a woman to walk in a general family medical doctor's office and she be told she will not be treated just because she is a female or woman. That is unjust or unhealthy discrimination. And this is where feminism in its unhealthy version comes into the picture. Just like the error of male chauvinism, which views man as a superior gender above females, egalitarian feminism to the more extreme versions of radical feminism views woman as superior to males or men. It fails to see that each gender has strengths and a natural design suited to various roles. In the radical forms it is an overt hatred and anger bent against God the Father. It blatantly despises and loathes the idea of God being a Father and that Christ came into the world as a man. In its more subtle forms, such as Evangelical Egalitarian Feminism where a belief in the Bible is confessed, it will not be so bold as to attack God in that way. However, this religious group will undermine the divine design of God's creation by eliminating or denying any recognition of various gender roles that suit the Creator's unique design of that gender. In short, these feminists will claim that a woman can function just as equally on par with a man in any area of the ministry of life. Outside of the religious circles they claim a woman can do anything just as good as a man can. They claim that to say otherwise is an unjust discrimination. 

But that can hardly be true with reality. Taking the religious element out of it and merely looking at hard science we know that there are differences. Indeed women can do some things better than men. And likewise, men can do some things better than women. Women have certain gifts and natural dispositions that make them better at the role of being a nurturer. Men are not as capable as women in areas like this and it often reveals itself in the way women can mother a child versus a man who cannot nurse a child with the same care. But women do not normally have the same levels of strength as do men. Men are hardwired differently. They have more testosterone by nature, they are more assertive, and they are by design with more muscle mass and they possess a strong bodily constitution. Organizations readily see this too. In military and other places where physical fitness is regulated by standards, women do not in general have to meet the same standards as males for strength tests. The Bible tells us this about the genders when it says: "men, live with your women in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered" (1 Peter 3:7). This is why based on both science and biblical revelation Bible believers recognize the differences between men and what God calls them to in regard to roles and what women are designed and consequently called unto for roles. 

Application to the Family  

Egalitarian Feminists reject the idea of complimentary yet distinct roles and functions. "Feminist ethics rejects strong theories of complimentarity that, in the name of different but equal identifications, disguise patterns of inequality" (Westminster Dictionary of Christian Ethics, p. 230). Therefore, that version of feminism is unhealthy and dangerous. They have misunderstood or rejected the idea that people can be equally loved, valued, and appreciated and yet with different abilities, assignments, and functions. The issue is not one of value but one of function. That is where the feminist has gone terribly wrong. 

Consequently, if these natural differences are blurred, hidden, or undermined the family is damaged because God's orderly design is tarnished. God desires for each person to function in their God ordained roles. Indeed to try and function outside of that role is to try and fight against the order God has created. It is in essence promoting the idea that God did not know what he was doing when he created two distinct genders. if we were all to be the same then why were we not created the same? Boys and girls who grow up in homes where feminism rules the ideas of the home will get a skewed idea of who God is. A true radical feminist will not make it heaven either as to make it heave a lady must embrace a man as her Lord and Savior, namely Jesus Christ who is God in the flesh. So feminism has the potential to undermine the very gospel and even eternal destiny of a person. Therefore, the biblical and wise route is to accept and recognize that God created two genders and each gender has unique abilities and even at some skills that make that person more suited for certain tasks. Science and theology both support this position. To ignore this reality is to run a life against the very order God has so established. Egalitarian Feminism or even the softer term, Evangelical Feminism is an attack on the order of God's creation.         
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